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Today’s Covid-19 Update for Monday, December 14 2020


Roseau County has 1508 Positive Cases; with 1 new cases reported today; and 9 accumulated deaths.

Monday’s COVID-19 report from the Minnesota Department of Health includes just over 3,000 new cases, 18 deaths and the continued decline of coronavirus patients in hospitals around the state.

The 18 newly reported deaths brings the number of fatal COVID-19 cases in Minnesota during the pandemic to 4,462. Long-term care deaths account for 2,917 (65.4%) of the total, including 11 of the 18 reported Monday.

The state has reported 869 deaths through the first 14 days of December after reporting 1,140 fatal cases in November, which was far and away the deadliest month in Minnesota so far.


The 3,026 positive results in Monday’s update were from a total of 45,341 completed tests, creating a daily test positivity rate of 6.67%, the fifth consecutive day that the rate is below 10%.

The World Health Organization recommended in May that a percent positive rate (total positives divided by total completed tests) of below 5% for at least two weeks is necessary to safely reopen the economy. That 5% threshold is based on total positives divided by total tests.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Minnesota’s percent positive over the past seven days is 9.23%.

The 45,341 completed tests were from 15,576 people. People are often tested more than once, so the test positivity rate when dividing positives by people tested is 19.43% today.

Coronavirus in Minnesota by the numbers

  • Total tests: 4,933,794 (up from 4,888,424)
  • People tested: 2,774,930 (up from 2,759,354)
  • Positive cases: 381,841 (up from 378,823)
  • Deaths: 4,462 – 112 of which are “probable*” (up from 4,444)
  • Active cases: 34,764 (down from 37,293)
  • Patients no longer requiring isolation: 347,077 (up from 341,530)

Updated daily with data current as of 4 p.m. the previous day.

Last modified: 12/16/2020

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