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Roseau County announces actions to limit public interaction with County Staff


In order to do our part in the containment and mitigation of the recent escalation of persons testing positive for COVID-19, the Roseau County Board of Commissioners will be taking the following actions to limit public interaction with County Staff:

  • The Courthouse, Social Services, Law Enforcement and Highway Department facilities will again be closed to the public beginning at 8:00 am, Tuesday, November 17th. All County services will continue; however, public access to County facilities will be by appointment only. Please reference the following listing to schedule an appointment:
    • Court System – 218-463-2541
    • Courthouse Offices – 218-463-4248
    • Law Enforcement – 218-463-1421
    • Social Services – 218-463-2411
    • Highway Department – 218-463-2063
  • Access to Court operations will be as described by the Roseau County Court Administrator’s
  • The Transfer Station/Demolition Landfill will remain open as scheduled; however, public access to the office & shop areas will not be
  • The Roseau County Board will be meeting in Regular Session the 2nd and 4thTuesdays of the month. The meetings will be held in the Courthouse Boardroom and will begin at 8:30 a.m. In order to meet social distancing guidelines, public access will be allowed by appointment only, (218-463-4248). However, the public may participate in these meetings electronically, (please view the Roseau County website for more information on this topic).

The County will continue to work closely with Federal, State and local agencies, school districts, business communities, and health care providers. As shown in the past you, the residents of Roseau County, have come together to help one another through past disasters and we are counting on your cooperation and resiliency to tackle this one.

Further, we must also be mindful of those in our community that are vulnerable and do our part to help ensure their safety and provide for their needs. Personal and community safety is our utmost priority and we thank you for doing your part during this crisis.


Last modified: 11/11/2020

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