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Destination – Minnesota! Destination- The Great Northland! Destination- Baudette/Northwest Angle!!  Destination – Lake of the Woods! Recently on a trip, a gentleman asked me where I was from. I said northern Minnesota, at the very top, on the Canadian Border at Lake of the Woods. When Lake of the Woods was mentioned his eyes lit up and said, “That’s one thing on my ‘bucket list’!”

Many people have dream destinations and then again, some of us get to live at our dream destination. Lake of the Woods is at the northern most point of the contiguous United States. At the top of Minnesota, you will see a section of land that looks like a chimney on the map. Although it was a map making mistake hundreds of years ago, we Minnesotans are so very happy that the Northwest Angle was included in our great state.

This season has been tough for those folks because of the Canadian Border being closed.  You see, to travel to that area, one must have proper credentials (a passport, etc.) and cross over the Canadian Border into Manitoba. Then you must re-enter the United States at Jim’s Corner and travel to the town of Angle Inlet where  a number of resorts welcome you and provide you with great lodging, good food and even travel to the Islands.

Oak Island

Did you say “islands”? Yes a very sweet destination at the Northwest Angle area is the islands area. Oak and Flag Islands have great accommodations and hospitality runs thick as vacationers live their dream.

Lake of the Woods offers four seasons of adventure for the avid outdoors person. This destination is well known for many sporting activities. Bird Watchers are never disappointed when coming north. Here you will find birds such as the Great Bald Eagle, Sandhill Cranes, Piliated Woodpeckers, Geese, Ducks, White Swans, Cormorants, Seagulls and the most beautiful White Pelicans. The forest areas provide a safe habitat for all species and the lake provides great feeding for the larger birds.piping plover

The forest areas are a great destination for those who like to travel an inspiring area with the big tire bicycles or ATVs. Miles and miles of virgin timber still stands beautiful in the Beltrami State Forest where CCC camps built and maintained a camp and a tower watching over the area. The MN DNR still has a location in the forest area that oversees the natural habitat. Don’t forget that snowmobiling provides many hours of great entertainment traveling the many groomed trails throughout the land.

Is your dream destination a hunting paradise?  Well, it’s here!  Hunters come from all around to hunt for bear, grouse, and of course, the popular white tailed deer. There is plenty of state land on which to hunt and local land owners cooperate with hunters from outside of the area to allow them to take home that trophy animal. There is also trapping that is done in the area for muskrat and beaver, to name a couple.


Walleye Capital of the World

Now, after all of that, don’t forget that the most important destination is “The Walleye Capital of the World” at Lake of the Woods. Season after season, the walleye, sauger, northern, muskie, sturgeon, perch, crappies and small mouth bass never disappoint anglers that come to try their hand at this favorite sport.

Spring fishing is an adventure of its own as the ice leaves the Rainy River and anglers can’t wait to get their boats over ice covered landings to catch those huge trophies. Summer brings quality time in the big Traverse as fish lead anglers from shallower depths near the south end of the lake and lure the anglers to travel miles and miles across the lake into the deeper cool waters.

Fall fishing again finds anglers cruising the Rainy River practicing catch and release for pictures of that trophy fish. This time of the year, walleyes are in great number as they chase shiner minnows up river and of course, the sturgeon are always roaming the river and try to elude those hooks.

The winter season is the most interesting time to discover this great destination. The lake freezes over with nearly 2-4 feet River Bend Resort sleeper fish house, Lake of the Woodsof ice each year and it would not be surprising to find thousands of fish houses looking like its own village all over the lake. Resorts provide highly maintained ice roads to travel on to get to their locations as well as heated ice houses with all you need to have a great ice adventure. Hospitality is always the best at Lake of the Woods and during this season anglers are welcomed with open arms and great food to make their experience very pleasant.

Last modified: 10/01/2020

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