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Governor Walz announces new restrictions for Bars/Restaurants as well as gatherings


Just announced in MN via Governor Walz: Through case research they have found that 18-35 year olds make up a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases, and that over 70% of outbreaks from the last 6 months have a direct link back to weddings, private social gatherings, and late nights at bars and restaurants. These events get riskier the later it gets.
Starting Friday, bars and restaurants must end dine-in service at 10pm, and bar seating and service will be closed.
Second, there will be a 10-person limit for indoor and outdoor gatherings starting Friday, and all social gatherings will be limited to members of three households or less.
And third, capacity limits for receptions related to weddings, funerals, and similar events will be phased in, but will eventually have a 25-person cap. Receptions and similar events also must not take place between 10pm-4am.
More information on these announcements: https://staysafe.mn.gov/

Last modified: 11/10/2020

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