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Three different types of grouse, Canadian and lesser geese, many many kinds of waterfowl, small game, deer, bear, and wolves; this is just the beginning to fall hunting when you visit Lake of the Woods. September/October are kick off months for many on this list, check out the seasons by the MN DNR HERE.

The most popular Canadian Geese are flying high these days. The goose season is open now and stays open until September 20th.  Because geese have found more places of safety and less of a reason to migrate south, almost all geese nowadays will stay in the same location year-round. When geese do fly, they communicate by loud honking and form a distinctive V-Pattern Shape to conserve energy. Canadian GeeseThe shape allows for the “drafting effect” to take place.

This is where the  strong goose leads at the front and each bird will fly slightly above the bird in front, thus reducing the wind resistance. They are capable of flying up to 1500 miles in one day. When the lead goose tires, it moves to the back and another takes their turn in the lead. When geese do fly, they communicate by loud honking and form a distinctive V-Pattern Shape to conserve energy. The shape allows for the “drafting effect” to take place.geese

They prefer well-manicured lawns and to be close to a water source. They are social birds that prefer to stay in large groups (except while nesting). Geese usually live near ponds, lakes, rivers, grain fields, and both free and saltwater marshes. Their diet consists primarily of grass, although they will resort to eating other green plants and small bugs when food sources get scarce.

This is why geese are so prevalent at Lake of the Woods. This time of year you can hear them coming even before you see the great V pattern flying. Then you can see them resting in fields, parks and along shorelines of bays and of course, the big lake shore.

Sportsmen from all over travel to Lake of the Woods to hunt these beautiful birds. Local resorts cater to the goose hunters as well as fishermen. They offer great accommodations and also meal plans so hunters can come in from their blinds to a warm meal at night. They also cater to the next batch of hunters that come for migratory ducks.

Duck, coots, and mergansers hunting season is open for the north country from September 26-November 24th according to MN Dept of Natural Resources concerning waterfowl. This northern duck zone is located north of Highway 210.  Again, hunters come into this region to find their great hunting experience and guides from the resorts will guide waterfowl hunts along their shores, whether its geese or ducks and make the experience perfect for each individual need.

Last modified: 09/20/2020

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