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Yes, I’m baiting the hook hoping to lure you to Lake of the Woods. Ice is on most of the bays and forming on the big lake. You want to be prepared when you come to the area to fish and shop. This area can satisfy the sportsman and woman as well as their family members who accompany them.

When  you are looking for bait to use in your ice houses, you’ll want to stop at four of the most popular shops in the area. As you come into Steve's Lucky BaitBaudette from the east on Hwy 11, you’ll first see Steve’s Lucky Bait. This is an easy on, easy off location on the north side of the highway. Here you’ll see live bait and any kind of tackle that you’re looking for. Buy your fishing license and you’re ready to go.

Traveling to the center of Baudette on Hwy 11, you come to Outdoors AgainThis very large sporting goods store has such a variety of merchandise that it doesn’t take much to bait you into buying. Outdoors Again sells live bait fitted for our area but also contains shopping to hook other family members into buying special souvenirs of their visit to Lake of the Woods.

The large store features clothing, a large gun shop and ammunition galore. You will find frozen walleye fillets for sale, and ice cream counter, maps of the area and many other items to lure you into trying all sports. You will find trailers, deer stands and portable fish houses. Why not get your bait, your license and your Christmas Shopping done all in one stop?

Traveling out to the resort area on Highway 172, you fill first come to Log Cabin Bait and LiquorLog Cabin BaitThis attractive store also features any lures you might want, your fishing license, Vexilars, portable ice houses and clothing to fit every need. The clothing will suit your family for shopping and also the necessities of staying warm while fishing these fine waters. You might even be lured or baited into shopping for their liquid items as well.

A little further down the road you will come to Barclay’s Border Bait Company about 11 miles north  on 172 from Baudette. Barclays Border Bait has everything you need from the Latest fishing gear and tackle to ice augers -every day essentials -groceries -hats -gloves- automotive section. New shipments are arriving daily to make your visit to Lake of the Woods memorable. They also want to remind you to renew your fish house permits before proceeding to the lake. Such a great location for visitors to pick up essentials for their ice house experience.

Barclay's Bait ShopMany of you may not know that bait is abundant in Lake of the Woods. Local resort owners and bait shops harvest the very important shiner minnows during their fall run on the Rainy River. The harvesters spend many late or early morning hours hauling up nets, packaging and freezing those shiners that are in abundance so that they can be available for purchase as bait by individuals and resorts.

Now we must also mention that most all resorts that you might be staying at have the availability of selling you your fishing license. They outfit their fish houses with equipment and bait necessary for your success as you drop the lines in the pristine waters. They also are able to transport you or even lead you out the their fish houses and check on you throughout the day to make sure of your safety and that you have plenty of bait available to catch your limits.

Have I baited your interest? I certainly hope so because this writer is excited to bait a hook this winter also and enjoy the great beauty of the frozen waters of Lake of the Woods.

Last modified: 11/26/2020

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